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Rail-Veyorreg Material Handling System

Rail-Veyor® is an industrial bulk material handling solution for underground or surface applications with all the best features from conveyors, heavy rail and truck haulage in one complete package.  The electrically powered Rail-Veyor® system operates remotely through a control center or tablet and incorporates a light rail track with one or more trains. A Rail-Veyor® train is constructed of a series of two wheeled rail cars that form a continuous open trough to transport material.

The Rail-Veyor® can be used to transport many industrial materials including mineral ores, aggregate, coal, wood chips and more. The Rail-Veyor® train(s) travel up to 8 m/sec (18 mph), operate on gradients up to twenty percent (25%) and turn within a 30 meter horizontal radius. Material haulage systems   A unique Drive System consisting of two stationary drive stations and sensors fully automate the system and provide the forward thrust.  The system’s speed is controlled by an inverter, which allows for both forward and reverse movement.  The system is able to start loaded cars from any position on the track even on a twenty percent (25% incline) within seconds.

Compared to other forms of material haulage, Rail-Veyor® is an environmentally friendly bulk material handling solution that embodies a low profile and lightweight design to reduce environmental scaring while significantly using less energy with no diesel emissions.  Rail-Veyor  solves complex bulk material handling challenges for the aggregate, mining, forestry and manufacturing industries. videos related to Rail Veyor Solutions
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