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“Innovative engineering like Railveyor’s not only dramatically bolsters the viability of mines, but helps ensure the sustainability of the mining industry, itself.”

Jim Fisk, Executive Director

What is Railveyor

The Sum of the Parts is An Innovative Haulage Solution That Mines Profound Profitability

Welcome to the mine of the future. Railveyor is the world’s most innovative mining bulk material handling system. Fully-electric and TrulyAutonomous, our narrow gauge light rail system is propelled by low-horsepower stationary power plants adjacent to the rail route. Railveyor’s combination of high efficiency and low maintenance makes trucks, conveyors, and trains a thing of the past.

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Railveyor Software

Without needing a dedicated operator, our proprietary Railveyor software keeps the material haulage system running like clockwork: maximizing efficiency and ensuring safety.


Railveyor Cars

Low-profile steel cars, in either 30 or 48-inch widths, link together with a spill-proof connection to create a continuous U-shaped trough. No matter what material you’re hauling, our cars and wagons can handle it.

Low Clearance Drive Station

Electric motors drive horizontal wheels, which contact side plates to move cars forward and back.

McCall Discharge Loop

To discharge materials, cars are ingeniously inverted into a continuous loop that can be run 180 or 360-degrees, easily unloading into a stockpile, bin or crusher.


Railveyor Trains

A Railveyor Train requires minimal clearance, able to travel through existing tunnels and drifts. Trains may be as long as your application requires and can reliably handle grades of up to 30% – potentially even more based on your material type and quality. Trains may also handle curves with a radius as tight as 100 feet (30m).


Lightweight Track

Lighter and smaller steel ties install quickly and accurately. Rails are simply bolted together with joint bars and bolts. Incredibly, a six-person crew can install 120 feet of track per hour. The Railveyor system requires only a minimal base of fine crushed aggregate (a few inches) to provide a smooth path compared to heavy rail that requires a wooden tie, ballast and subballast (many feet).



Progressive Solutions

Compared with rival haulage systems, the Railveyor material hauling system promises and achieves substantially improved outcomes in emissions and economics. We achieve these goals through the integration of state-of-the-art automation software with contemporary electric drive stations, light rail, fast, lightweight cars and other innovative thinking.



Production Optimizing Software

Our goal as an enterprise is to maximize efficiency of your mine’s haulage operations. We do so in a safe, sustainable, and scalable way using the most durable and efficient mechanical system driven by the best software available today. While the mechanical aspects of the Railveyor system itself is the most advanced on the planet, the software that drives it is equally advanced and contributes to our hands-off control and efficiency, unrivaled safety and zero emissions.

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Services Before & Beyond

Mining is not a one-size-fits-all proposition. All mines are configured differently – and so are the challenges facing mine owners when it comes to hauling materials from the face. That’s why Railveyor designs, installs and services each system on a fully customized basis: to ensure optimal performance in the long run. Our approach to Service is exactly the same. While Railveyor is a comparatively maintenance-free solution when compared to aging rail/truck methodologies, service issues will arise from time to time – as do needs to expand, replace or relocate systems. Click here to learn how we’re always here for you to keep your mine at peak performance.

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