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Good Change

For many years, diesel trucks, conveyors and mine rail have been the main methods of material haulage in mining and other industries. Operators are familiar with the downsides of these technologies: namely, that diesel trucks consume vast amounts of fuel, lead to safety incidents and emit copious carbon; that conveyors and mine rail may require significant capital expense and are inflexible once installed. However, no preferable alternative has been available – until now.

Railveyor is the solution to the challenges of modern material haulage, in the mining industry and beyond. Through the alchemy of several cutting-edge technological innovations combined in a system designed from the ground up, Railveyor delivers cleaner and safer operation with the potential to make your application more profitable.


Highly Efficient. Fully Electric. Vastly Cleaner than any Competing Technology.

The design of the Railveyor system has led to a solution that is nearly unmatched in terms of physical and energy efficiency, with payload-to-weight ratios matching (or exceeding) comparable conveyors. The use of drive stations instead of locomotives means that energy is used to move the payload rather than an unnecessarily heavy onboard drive mechanism. And by utilizing steel wheels rolling on steel tracks, we leave rubber-tired trucks in the dust when it comes to energy lost to overcoming friction. In addition to using less energy to move, Railveyor cars even regenerate energy when traveling on a downslope.

Railveyor’s TrulyAutonomous system software controls operations for optimal energy efficiency and fully-electric drive stations use the most efficient modern electric motors – no diesel fuel or resultant exhaust particulates here. This means reduced need for (and expense to install) ventilation at the mine site and – when paired with electricity drawn from renewable sources – potentially significantly lower carbon emissions for your application


Automation Removes Workers from Harm’s Way.
Zero Exhaust Improves Health.

With a Railveyor system installed, workers that might otherwise be driving diesel trucks can be relocated to a remote monitoring station – and Railveyor’s TrulyAutonomous software even allows for a single operator to monitor the system while it runs. The reduced potential for human error while driving or working near roadways leads to reduced vehicle collisions, workplace accidents, financial penalties and loss of life and limb. As opposed to conveyors (which can be made from various flammable materials), Railveyor has a nearly nonexistent risk of fire and zero way to spread fire.

Railveyor was designed with safety in mind. It almost goes without saying, but any worker can use common sense to locate the tracks of a Railveyor system and instantly identify places near their worksite to be aware of traffic. When a Railveyor Train is approaching a Drive Station, warning lights and audible alarms begin sounding to alert those in the vicinity that the Drive Station is about to engage. HMI programming has three levels of warnings if an anomaly is detected.

Even on “incident-free” days, diesel trucks generate copious amounts of harmful exhaust and rubber tires can stir up dust – which is damaging to the health of workers and even the quality of life of surrounding communities. Railveyor is also measurably quieter than other haulage solutions, helping mitigate potential adverse hearing effects on workers and noise pollution issues with communities. All told, Railveyor is a more predictable, controllable haulage solution that preserves the health and safety of workers – a top priority for the mines of the future.


Smart on Energy. Low on Cost.
High on Profit.

Because of Railveyor’s revolutionary design & engineering, our customers are seeing astounding savings, reporting as much as 92% lower operating costs when compared to traditional diesel truck haulage. Engineering a solution that beats the competition by that much seems impossible – but trust us, we’ve checked the math. Railveyor is a system designed from the ground up with 21st century technological innovations in its DNA, a true disruptor that puts 20th-century, diesel-burning, rubber-tired, person-driven trucks squarely in the past.

Railveyor even beats conveyors by roughly 25% in terms of OPEX – and that savings is compounded when you consider that the infrastructure needed for a conveyor system is much more expensive to install and maintain than a comparable Railveyor system.

The cost-benefit ratio goes even higher for Railveyor as we go further into the life cycle of a material haulage solution. When it’s even possible for conveyors to be relocated, doing so may be prohibitively costly and labor-intensive. Railveyor’s light rail track system can grow and adapt to the changing needs of your mine site, potentially able to be relocated in a matter of hours with a small team. Railveyor expands the potential of mine development as well, able to handle steeper grades than diesel trucks and able to travel in tunnels with half the drift space of trucks.

All of these factors open up a new world of possibilities: where formerly discounted remote mine sites are reconsidered, where end-of-life mines stay operational, where prosperity keeps flowing to companies, shareholders and communities of people the world over.

To savvy industry veterans and rigorous decision makers, this might seem like a far-fetched concept – but in fact, it’s no longer a concept at all. Railveyor has proven its worth in mines and industrial material haulage challenges across the world – see how in our Case Studies. And please contact our Team today to move into the Clean, Safe and Profitable world of Railveyor.

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