Redefining Material Hauling

Rail-Veyor® is an industrial material hauling solution for underground or surface applications with all the best features from conveyors, rail and truck hauling in one complete package.

What’s It Cost?

Want to improve your material hauling process? Try our online estimator to determine CAPEX and OPEX.

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Fully Automated

  • Remote controlled with no on-board operators

Hauling Distance

  • Generally more than 2/3 miles (1 km) is preferred

Tramming Speed Loaded

  • Up to 20 ft/sec, 13.4 mph (6.0 m/sec)

Curve and Grade ability

  • Makes 100 ft (30 m) radius turns horizontally

  • Makes 90 ft (27.5 m) radius turns vertically

  • Runs up and down grades up to 22%

Train Operation

  • Operates with single or multiple trains

  • Train length technically unlimited

  • Usually decided by system layout and tonnage

Loading Rate / Capacity

  • Generally 5 ft/sec, 3.35 mph (1.5 m/sec)

  • Up to 6,000 tons (5,500 tonnes) per hour

Material Size

  • 30 inch (762 mm) car width handles material up to 24 inch (610 mm)

  • 48 inch (1219 mm) car width handles material up to 36 inch (914 mm)

Low Cost Maintenance

  • Simple inspections with few adjustments

  • No overhauls or high tech manpower required

  • Easy component change out

Simple, Light Foot Print

  • Typically exerts only an 8 psi load

  • Requires a narrow smooth roadbed with only 4 inches (10 cm) crushed aggregate

Easy Portability

  • Relocate or extend drive stations and track in one workday shift

Green Power

  • Uses efficient electrical power – zero emissions

  • Generates power in downhill loaded operation