Peter Menard
Peter L. Menard
Construction Manager Global

Peter L. Menard – Construction Manager Global

Work Experience:

  • Peter brings over 35 years of EPCM Pre Commissioning and Commissioning of Major Industrial projects to Rail-Veyor
  • Site Manager/Construction Hatch/ Vale/Thompson Manitoba Smelter-2 Shut down and Rebuild of their Electric Furnace 2011
  • Site manager and Construction Manager Hatch/ Vale Copper Cliff Smelter # 2 Flash Furnace Rebuild 2011
  • Construction Manager Metallurgical Plant and Modularized Smelter Technology/ New Caledonia, Hatch Technip 2009 -2011
  • Site Manager Fort Mc Murray Ore preparation Plant Hatch/Petrocanada2008 -2009
  • Site Manager, Largest Petro Chemical plant in the world/ JV Hitachi, Sumitomo Aramco 2005 – 2008
  • Project Director, BlueScope steel Taiwan lysaght/ Hatch Corning Pyro furnaces High Definition, Leading Technology Glass screening
  • Site Manager/ Construction Manager Bechtel 1997 – 2003 China 4 years Mega Semi-Conductor Facility and a Magnetic powder Factory brownfield, Highly technical furnaces for Smelting high grade ORE
  • Site Manager/Construction Manager Fluor Daniel1979-1996 all Brownfield, Refineries and gas plants Saudi Arabia Kuwait, Paper mills/ 2 Semiconductor facilities/ 2 Rail spurs. 5 Pharmaceutical Factories, IE:Merck /1 rail spur, Classified defense Facilities, Martin Marietta defense projects, and Gas oil separators Saudi Arabia.
  • Daniel/international prior to becoming Fluor Daniel paper mills brownfield union camp Georgia Mega project


  • Strong Civil structural and Mechanical Engineering Background
  • Degree in Music prior to Pursuing Engineering and Construction Management EPCM
  • Building Inspectors license in the Southern building Code Congress USA and current
  • Structural threshold license in Florida for non-destructive, and structural inspection Testing Current.
  • Extensive tier training and certificates from Fluor Daniel and Bechtel for Execution/ Quality and Commissioning

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