Rail-Veyor® is a simple technology that can provide bulk material handling solutions more efficiently and effectively than traditional conveyors, truck and rail haulage. The Rail-Veyor® components offer the lowest maintenance cost and are energy efficient.

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railRail rail carsCars Drive stationsDrive Stations
remote control centerRemote Control Centre Bulk Material Handling System Rail Veyor Dump LoopDump/Re-invert Loop

Rail-Veyor® an Environmentally Friendly Alternative

Rail-Veyor® an Environmentally Friendly Alternative

Low Energy Consumption – electrical variable frequency drives that only run when required

Small Environmental Footprint – as a result of light rail, ability to stack, simple crossings

Future Power Regeneration Potential – potential exists in downhill applications

Automated System – little to no operator intervention

Low Carbon Footprint – no diesel emissions



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