It’s Time to Rethink Mine Design

New technology for faster, more profitable operations


Now, there’s a whole new way to think about material hauling. With Rail-Veyor®. The first and only system that’s simpler, greener, and far more efficient than any other solution out there. Rail-Veyor offers a full range of services including research and development, material hauling testing at dedicated demonstration facilities, engineering and design of fully-commissioned installations and after-sale support.


The idea began as far back as the late 1960s and has been consistently developed. By the mid 1980’s and 1990’s the concept improved to where it could have major industry impact and is where our current story picks up below.

What’s It Cost?

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  • Rail-Veyor is Born
  • Rail-Veyor Systems, Inc. (RVS) is founded and worked with the Florida Institute of Phosphate Research (FIPR) to construct the first Rail-Veyor® demonstration plant.
  • RVS markets this new technology in Indonesia, Republic of South Africa, USA and Canada.
  • Harmony Gold installs the first commercial underground system in at its Phakisa Gold Mine in South Africa.
  • Canadian entrepreneur Risto Laamanen creates Rail-Veyor Technologies (RVT) and acquires marketing rights to USA and Canada.
  • A second demonstration and test site is commissioned near Sudbury, Ontario, Canada.
  • Risto Laamanen passes unfortunately but the Laamanen family continues to be investors.
  • Rail-Veyor Infancy
  • RVT restructures and acquires marketing rights worldwide as Rail-Veyor Technologies Global (RVTG).
  • Vale S.A. installs 2nd generation Rail-Veyor at Copper Cliff 114 ore body mine.
  • Vale S.A. sets records in underground mine advancement.
  • Rail-Veyor Technologies Global (RVTG) is recapitalized.
  • Rail-Veyor Matures
  • 3rd generation Rail-Veyor designs are finalized for improved reliability, efficiency and reduced costs.
  • Rail-Veyor is now commercially ready to be your material handling solution.
  • Contract is signed late 2015 with Agnico Eagle for new 3 km underground system to be operational in early 2017.
  • Rail-Veyor is Ready for the World